Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sop Fruit

100 g of grapes
100 g apples
100 g strawberries
100 g red watermelon flesh
100 g canned mandarin oranges
1 young coconut, dredge the meat
300 ml of coconut water
4 tablespoons cream powder
Sweetened condensed milk
Ice cube / crushed ice

Sugar syrup:
400 ml of water
250 grams sugar
2 pieces of pandan leaf
/ essen

How to Make:

* Sugar syrup: Boil water and pandan leaves, put sugar, stirring until sugar dissolves. Remove and let cool.
* Cut the grapes apart each into 2 parts. Peel the apples, diced 1 cm. Cut the strawberries well apart.
* Dredge meat pieces of watermelon with a scraper to form balls of a marble. Drain the mandarin oranges perendamnya of water, set aside.
* Place fruit mixture in the serving bowls, pour the coconut milk, add sugar syrup, cream powder and condensed milk (to taste). Add ice cubes / crushed ice, and serve.

A little note:
Can also use mineral water or soda water to replace the coconut water. Fruits can be selected according to taste.

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