Monday, July 9, 2012

Goat's head soup

2 kg head of a goat;
1/4 kg mutton;

1/4 l cooking oil
1/4 kg Onion;
Garlic 1.5 ounces;
1/4 ounce of pepper powder
2 nutmeg in mashed
Pecan 1 ounce;
1 cinnamon stick;
10 Fruit Cloves;
1 Stem Ginger;
Milk Powder 400 gr

1/4 kg Tomatoes;
Onion leaves 1 ounce;
2 ounces of chips;
Soy sauce to taste;
Salt to taste;
MSG Enough;
Sauce to taste;
Limo citrus fruit 10;
Fried onions;
Samin oil / margarine;

- Wash the materials,
- Large pieces of meat in a large pan-besar.rebus along with a goat's head.
- After that grind the spices, then saute with cooking oil after the yellow input into the stew pot and goat heads.
- Put milk, cook over low heat.
- Prepare additional seasonings in small bowl, cut the meat into small pieces give the sauce add the fried onions, green onions and sliced ​​tomatoes cumin oil and chips.
then ready to serve.


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