Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Psarosoupa (Fish Soup)

     1 1/2 pounds red snapper or other fish species
     1 onion
     100 grams of green pepper
     500 grams of potatoes, diced
     500 grams of carrots, cut into pieces
     30 grams of parsley leaves
     1 sheet of green onion
     300 grams of small zucchini
     1 liter of water
     10 tablespoons olive oil
     salt to taste
     75 ml lemon juice
     pepper powder to taste

How to Make:
     Wash and chop all the vegetables.
     Put all the vegetables, except potatoes to the pan. Pour the water and add the olive oil and salt. Cook until boiling. Reduce heat and cook again until 30 minutes.
     Pick up all the vegetables, arrange on a serving bowl.
     Enter the fish into the vegetable cooking water. Cook over a fire ketch, but not too ripe. Remove the fish, discarding bones.
     Simmer sauce, vegetables and fish stew was used, insert a piece of potato into the gravy and cook for 20 minutes over low heat. Once cooked, mashed some potatoes and put into the sauce to thicken. Put all the vegetables and fish into the sauce, add lemon juice and pepper. Add Chinese cabbage is also good!
     Serve while hot.

Serves 8

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